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Welcome to PortalDeamon000's website. Here are a few programs, files, and sites that might help you.

Who am I? My online alias in most places is PortalDeamon000 (for irc, d2jsp, battle.net, and many forums). On battle.net I host the dclone channels: Op DClone, Op DCloneEast, Op DCloneWest, and Op DCloneEurope using a program called stealthbot listed below, which I have been hosting for a very long time.


Ventrilo Sound Normalization Settings to make all volumes similar

Soj Server State list of soj activity on servers across East, West, and Europe. Updated every 5 minutes

Item Sockets from Larzuk A list of how many sockets an item will get based on its item level. (credit goes to Adeyke at the AB)

Act 2 Polearm DPS Excel Chart of Act 2 Merc Polearm DPS based on IAS

Op DClone Public Command List Here

My Programs

These autoit3 programs are compatible with Diablo 2 version 1.14d

As with ANY third-party program, use these at your own risk


KISSCloneHunter (KCH) 3.2 An advanced autoit IP Finding bot (open source). by me (original version by Fuhrmanator)

KCH Guide Here

SojReporter 1.9 A program I made to automatically report sales/walks. Works with multiple windows and sandboxie.

Quick-Exit A program I made to exit a Diablo 2 game very fast with a hotkey.

Gold-Drop A program I made to drop Diablo 2 gold very fast using hotkeys.

-Example of Gold-Drop

Others' Programs

As with ANY third-party program, use these at your own risk

D2Extra Autoit Multi-Diablo Launcher (no modification). (open source). by Shaggi

Sandboxie Program designed to run software in a virtual sandbox. Can be used to run multiple Diablos.

Sandboxie Guide for setup Here

CDKey Viewer View the installed cdkeys or from standalone mpq files. by hypnodok

CDKey Changer Allows you to change and view your installed cdkey, or create a mpq cdkey file. by Serby

MIRC old version 6.2 Mirc old version 6.2 if you prefer to use the old version.

Other Sites

DCloneIRC.net A great website dedicated to hunting the Diablo Clone and getting the annihilus charm (irc is irc.dcloneirc.net)

Stealthbot.net A handy bot to use in creating channels on battle.net

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